Ayutthaya is an ancient city located in central Thailand, approximately 80 kilometers north of Bangkok. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Siam from 1350 until its downfall in 1767. Today, Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination due to its rich history and cultural significance.


Ayutthaya was founded by King Ramathibodi I in 1350 and served as the capital of the Kingdom of Siam for over four centuries. During this time, the city grew in size and prosperity, becoming one of the most important centers of trade and commerce in Southeast Asia. Ayutthaya was renowned for its wealth, beauty, and cultural richness.

In 1767, Ayutthaya was invaded and destroyed by the Burmese army. The city was left in ruins, and the Thai people were forced to flee to other parts of the country. Ayutthaya remained abandoned for many years, until restoration efforts began in the 20th century.

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